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Information & Application Form for Landlords


Since 1988 all residential occupation automatically creates an assured short hold tenancy under which it is difficult for landlords to regain possession.

There are exceptions to this, however, the lease must be drafted in precise form as required by the Housing Act.

The exceptions under the Act are for: (a) Holiday Makers or (b) Specified educational institutions and bodies.

The Rentaflat Student Accommodation Scheme is designed to comply with the provisions of these Acts in relation to lettings to educational institutions with the following benefits.

Benefits to Landlords

  • No risk of sitting tenancies.
  • No risk of encountering a so-called fair rent assessment which is usually binding for 3 years.
  • Vacant possession of the property for at least one week of the year thereby offering the Owner the opportunity to sell the property if he or she wishes to do so at any time.

The properties and furnishings:

Rentaflat will only agree to manage properties in a good and tenable condition. Any faults arising with the properties must be reported by the occupants to Rentaflat immediately. Preferably the properties should be situated within the ring road and set up as individual study bedrooms with a kitchen, bathroom and toilet. A communal lounge facility is highly recommended for the occupants.

Each study bedroom must be provided with:

  • One single bed
  • One wardrobe
  • One chest of drawers
  • One desk or writing table
  • One upright chair

Each room should be carpeted and curtained. Central heating should be provided and sufficient 13 amp electric points available.

The kitchen to be equipped with a cooker, fridge, large freezer, automatic washing machine, work surfaces and sufficient storage space. The floor is usually vinyl-covered, not carpeted.

The bathroom is equipped in the normal way and the floor vinyl covered or carpeted.

Other items to be provided are a vacuum cleaner (recently serviced), broom, dustpan, mop, bucket, pedal bin and dustbin, iron and ironing board (with new cover), crockery and cutlery, pots and pans etc. All must be in new or good condition.


Electricity and gas – Rentaflat have arranged with these authorities to act as their agents for the purpose of registering new consumers. New occupants will be requested to complete an application for supply.

Telephone – this will always be disconnected at the end of each occupancy. If a new occupant wishes to have it reconnected in his or her own name he or she may do so.


Repairs which are due to fair wear and tear are the landlord’s responsibility. Any such repairs required should be reported by the occupants to Rentaflat immediately. Rentaflat will exercise its authority to deal with these repairs promptly following consultation with the landlord. Repairs due to negligence by the student (eg broken windows, ceramic fittings etc) are the occupant’s responsibility and must be reported to Rentaflat but the students can arrange for these repairs to be dealt with themselves if they so wish.

Rentaflat will always be pleased to attend to repairs on behalf of landlords, occupants or students and arrangements made to deduct the costs from the appropriate deposits.

Scope of the service

  • Visit the property, inspect and advise on furnishings;
  • Advertising the property;
  • Interviewing and selecting suitable applicants;
  • Obtain references for each individual occupant;
  • Drawing up of one pair of agreements;
  • Arrange for the guarantor to sign agreements as well as the students;
  • Collect rent plus a deposit equivalent to one month’s rent as a surety against damages and unpaid bills at the end of the occupancy;
  • Prepare Inventory of Contents and Schedule of Conditions of each property and taking photographs of the interior where appropriate;
  • Ensure that students complete an application for the supply of electricity and gas on behalf of the guarantor;
  • Periodical inspection of the property;
  • Obtain full accounts and meter readings at termination of occupancy;
  • Checking occupant(s) out of property, check contents with inventory and carry out final inspection of property;
  • Posting detailed Statement of Account with cheque for rent collected less our management fee. Our cheque for the monthly rent paid to us will normally be posted to you a month in arrears.

The Rent

The rent is assessed on the basis of the number of self-contained study bedrooms in each house, the general condition, and location of the property.

Payment of Bills

Rentaflat obtain a signature from the students on behalf of the owners for all services before taking over the property. Students are entirely responsible for all gas, electricity and telephone bills. All other outgoings will be met from the landlord’s account, where appropriate, subject to the following:

  • We recommend that you give us your contact details for yourselves at all times. If a repair becomes necessary and we don’t have the authority to arrange for the work to be carried out (because it would mean spending more than £250.00) we will need to contact you.
  • No bills will be paid unless the money is in hand to pay them.
  • All repairs relating to gas, water and electricity faults and damp problems will be dealt with by Rentaflat as emergencies.
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