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Rentaflat Ltd was inaugurated in 1980 and has been trading from its present offices since 1982. We manage many different types of property ranging from country homes to bedsits. We pride ourselves on our good reputation which we have earned from honest-to-goodness trading from day one. We have benefitted greatly from the emergence of the modern office facilities and high-tech computer systems that we have installed. All our staff are trained in the special needs of Property Management. The Company's aim is to achieve rented accommodation for as many people as we can in and around the City of Oxford and to provide a competitive and reliable service to our Landlords. We are now pleased to present details of our Management Services for your information and would be happy to be given the opportunity to help you. For full details of our services, please phone or email us for a brochure.

Feedback & Recommendations

To Whom it may concern:
We wish to tender our notice to terminate the lease for the tenancy of the above mentioned property. We would like to mention with gratefulness the excellent support we have had from both Rentaflat Limited, Sharon in particular and from the owner. We value and appreciate all the support and improvements to the property, which has made our stay here a pleasant one with wonderful memories. It is a mixture of excitement and sadness that we will be moving on from here.
Once again, many thanks
Yours sincerely

Dear Sharon,
Thank you very much for your excellent service and assistance for over 3 years now, it has truly been a pleasure renting through Rentaflat Limited. Particularly with the special circumstances regarding my career and travel schedule; you have always been very understanding. This also extends to the landlords of the property who have been great to work with.

I wish to thank all parties involved in this contract. On behalf of my entire family we wish to express our sincere thanks to Sharon and the Landlord Mr. Smith for the comfortable stay.
Yours sincerely,

We want to say thanks for this year, we have enjoyed letting through your agency.

I would like to say I have really loved living in the room and I have been very happy, I will be sad to leave but I have decided to move out the Oxford city centre area.
Kind regards

I wish to use this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation to Rentaflat Limited as well as MR. Smith, for the generosity and goodwill that my family and I have enjoyed over the years during my occupancy of my present property.
Yours sincerely,

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